The Victorians And Stained Glass

The Victorian age was a hive of creativity against the backdrop of the burgeoning industrial revolution which has reached its high point. Queen Victoria’s reign began in 1837 and it was during this period that stained glass was in the midst of a revival that was to last until the end of the First World War.

When you think of stained glass it is likely you will recall church windows and churches remain the places where you are most likely to see some of the best examples.

During the 19th Century there was a split between manufactured stained glass and that inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the time. Arts and Crafts was a movement that reached back into the past to a time of craftsmanship without the ugly intrusion of mass production which had been a consequence of the industrial revolution.

Only the finest materials were used in this type of stained glass, with rich depths of colour and sophisticated painting techniques. Arts and Crafts stained glass windows could certainly be counted among the best works of art created by the movement.

If you think that a stained glass window will enhance your particular project, you will find all sorts of examples of stained glass at the reclamation yard from various periods.