The history of Minton Hollins tiles

With their beautiful patterns and earthy tones, Victorian Minton Hollins floor tiles are, to this day, highly sought after.

Pulling back your hallway carpet to discover Minton tiles has become akin to winning the jackpot.

Even those in new properties are investing in reclaimed Minton tiles to give their home a vintage, period style.

We decided to delve into the history of the Minton tile to find out more about these hugely popular designs and where they came from.

The first Minton factory

The Minton brand was born in 1796 when Thomas Minton first opened his porcelain factory in Stoke.

During this time the factory produced tableware, including earthenware, bone china, and Parian porcelain, mostly decorated in cream and blue patterns. It was during this time that Minton helped to popularise the beautiful and elaborate Willow pattern on tableware.

Minton Hollins & Co

In 1836 Thomas Minton passed away and the factory was taken over by his son Herbert Minton. Herbert Minton introduced the business to new production techniques and forged many successful partnerships with artists.

One of the most successful partnerships made by Herbert Minton was with his nephew Michael Daintry Hollins who he partnered with in 1845 to create Minton Hollins & Co, the tile-making arm of the business.

Worldwide success

Minton Hollins & Co then went on to have huge success with their decorative encaustic tiles which were used on the walls and floors of homes, public buildings and churches throughout the world.

Some of the most prestigious buildings around the world featuring impressive Minton tile designs include the Palace of Westminster in London, Bethesda Terrace Arcade in New York, the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC, and the State Parliament of Victoria in Melbourne.

Minton went on to lead and innovate the development of new industrial techniques for manufacturing and painting decorative tiles.

Minton Hollins & Co was taken over by Johnsons in 1968 and continues to produce the popular Minton Hollins Collection to this day.

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