The Enduring Appeal Of Farm House Tables

If you are seeking a focal point for a large kitchen, then a reclaimed farm house kitchen table could be just the thing you need. Back in the old days before all the modern cooking tools we take for granted today, the farmhouse table would have been the most used part of the kitchen.

The table is where much of the preparation for cooking would take place. The large flat surface would be perfect for making pastries and preparing bread for the oven. After this it would be the focus for large family gatherings in country house homes.
The traditional farmhouse table has largely been replaced these days by more formal dining tables with an emphasis on design rather than practicality. As we all spend less time at the kitchen table the need for such large tables has diminished but large Farm House tables still have their uses and there are still plenty of people willing to purchase them.
The large farm house table certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a kitchen today particularly if theaim is to recreate the character of the traditional country house inside as well as on the outside. The examples we have here at Beeston Reclamation have stood the test of time and proved their durability.