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Tips On Buying From A Reclamation Yard

You will find many people travelling to the reclamation yard to browse through antique items and other curiosities. It is often fun just to have a look around with one or two surprises in store each time you do. The main reasons to visit a reclamation yard however are to find bargains and items from

The Humble Work Bench Makes A Fashionable Comeback

The old wooden workbench has been a trusty addition to the workman’s shop for hundreds of years and now it’s making a comeback in homes and restaurants due to its hard wearing sturdy properties. Of course alongside trendy interior design, the old-fashioned work bench still has its uses. A craftsman’s life may still revolve around

Stop Press Reclaimed English Oak Floor boards just arrived – VAST quantities

JUST ARRIVED ………JUST ARRIVED…….JUST ARIVED Some of the very best English Oak Floorboards have just arrived – we have 2,000 sq metres – it is simply some of the best we’ve ever seen and stocks will not last. 1 inch thick, random widths & lengths – BUY NOW either in raw state OR we can