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Laying Your Reclaimed Wooden Floor

Laying reclaimed wooden flooring in your home can really add character but there are a number of practical issue to consider before attempting to do it yourself. First of all buying reclaimed means you will be getting your floor boards in all sorts of lengths. They will also need to be restored to their former

Advantages Of Real Oak Wood Flooring

Reclaimed oak wood flooring offers many advantages over choosing composite flooring. Once it has been prepared and fitted you will certainly be able to tell the difference between the two and you will have a material that is strong enough to last a lifetime. Because we like real oak flooring so much at Beeston Reclamation

Stop Press Reclaimed English Oak Floor boards just arrived – VAST quantities

JUST ARRIVED ………JUST ARRIVED…….JUST ARIVED Some of the very best English Oak Floorboards have just arrived – we have 2,000 sq metres – it is simply some of the best we’ve ever seen and stocks will not last. 1 inch thick, random widths & lengths – BUY NOW either in raw state OR we can