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Reclaimed Chimney Pots Given New Life In Our Gardens

Chimney pots have a long and rich history even if nowadays we see less of them put to the use they were intended for. Coal fires have largely been replaced by more modern forms of heating as people have turned to cheaper and greener ways to heat their homes. In densely populated areas, chimneys have

Why Buy From A Reclamation Yard?

This is a simple question one that is not always so easy to answer. Why would you buy old items from a reclamation yard rather than pop down to your local furniture or hardware store? Most of the things you will buy in the shop today are mass produced, often in countries far away from

Where To Use Rustic Rope Top Edging In Your Garden

With the arrival of spring, you may be planning to get out in the garden and carry out some work on levelling up your flower beds or perhaps your driveway. Decorative edging can by ideal for this purpose. We now have a rustic rope top edging in stock down at the yard which can be

Designing An Eco-Friendly Garden This Year?

You may think that having a garden is making you ‘green’ already but when people design gardens, they often take the easy option and go to the local DIY store for things like hard landscaping, garden ornaments and other additions. Many of these garden products can just as easily be found at the reclamation yard

Tips On Buying From A Reclamation Yard

You will find many people travelling to the reclamation yard to browse through antique items and other curiosities. It is often fun just to have a look around with one or two surprises in store each time you do. The main reasons to visit a reclamation yard however are to find bargains and items from

The Humble Work Bench Makes A Fashionable Comeback

The old wooden workbench has been a trusty addition to the workman’s shop for hundreds of years and now it’s making a comeback in homes and restaurants due to its hard wearing sturdy properties. Of course alongside trendy interior design, the old-fashioned work bench still has its uses. A craftsman’s life may still revolve around

Garden Rooms and Timber Cabins

We have developed a range of Timber Living products, bringing the garden into your home. Our products include Timber Garages, Timber Summer Houses, Timber Garden Rooms, Timber Garden Cabins, Timber barbeque Roundels and Timber Car ports. All are built to an exacting standard in Norwegian Spruce and can be designed to meet your exact specification