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What Sorts Of Things Can You Expect To Buy At A Reclamation Yard?

One of the main attractions of visiting a reclamation yard is you never know what you will find let along expect to buy. A reclamation yard will have anything from reclaimed building materials to furniture and unusual antiques on display at any one time. This makes a visit to more of a voyage of discovery

Reclaimed Chimney Pots Given New Life In Our Gardens

Chimney pots have a long and rich history even if nowadays we see less of them put to the use they were intended for. Coal fires have largely been replaced by more modern forms of heating as people have turned to cheaper and greener ways to heat their homes. In densely populated areas, chimneys have

Investing In Antique Furniture – Which Era Is Best?

Antique furniture has long attracted the attention of wealthy investors but in more recent years, there has been something of a decline in appetite for furniture from some periods. So what era should you be focusing on at the moment when it comes to antique furniture for investment? Like anything else in investment, what goes

Why Buy From A Reclamation Yard?

This is a simple question one that is not always so easy to answer. Why would you buy old items from a reclamation yard rather than pop down to your local furniture or hardware store? Most of the things you will buy in the shop today are mass produced, often in countries far away from

Where To Use Rustic Rope Top Edging In Your Garden

With the arrival of spring, you may be planning to get out in the garden and carry out some work on levelling up your flower beds or perhaps your driveway. Decorative edging can by ideal for this purpose. We now have a rustic rope top edging in stock down at the yard which can be

How To Use Tulip Chimney Pots In Your Garden

Reclaimed chimney pots are becoming very popular in gardens all over the country because they are an ideal alternative to standard pots and add great character to a garden whether used at the front or rear of the house. If you plan on using them for your garden there are a few things to bear

Every Cast Iron Bench Tells A Story

We have a new cast iron bench in stock, an item that often provides a key setting for many a story. This is because you will often find a cast iron bench in public spaces like parks where they provide a place for people to sit down for a moment on reflect on life or