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Why Buy From A Reclamation Yard?

This is a simple question one that is not always so easy to answer. Why would you buy old items from a reclamation yard rather than pop down to your local furniture or hardware store? Most of the things you will buy in the shop today are mass produced, often in countries far away from

Advantages Of Real Oak Wood Flooring

Reclaimed oak wood flooring offers many advantages over choosing composite flooring. Once it has been prepared and fitted you will certainly be able to tell the difference between the two and you will have a material that is strong enough to last a lifetime. Because we like real oak flooring so much at Beeston Reclamation

Reclaimed Products

With the clue being in the description, ‘reclaimed’, we are conscious of the fact that many products are scarce. At London Reclamation we always aim to establish the best contacts in order to source products with the best possible provenance from reliable suppliers. In reclamation, the old adage stands firm – not everyone can find