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Why Buy From A Reclamation Yard?

This is a simple question one that is not always so easy to answer. Why would you buy old items from a reclamation yard rather than pop down to your local furniture or hardware store? Most of the things you will buy in the shop today are mass produced, often in countries far away from

How To Use Tulip Chimney Pots In Your Garden

Reclaimed chimney pots are becoming very popular in gardens all over the country because they are an ideal alternative to standard pots and add great character to a garden whether used at the front or rear of the house. If you plan on using them for your garden there are a few things to bear

Terracotta Chimney Pots, Kitchen Dressers it’s Been An Exciting Start To 2016

If it’s been a while since you came to the reclamation yard or indeed if you have yet to visit, we have had plenty of new stock arriving. New arrivals have also been selling fast as many of our customers have braved the bad weather to come along and browse. We had an exquisite pine