Revival Of Traditional Cast Iron Street Signs

Old cast iron street signs can certainly make a quirky feature in the garden and there are plenty of examples to be found at the reclamation yard.

Cast iron street signs may be having a new lease of life as a decorative garden feature, but when it comes to finding them on street corners, you may be out of luck. The cast iron street signs that do remain are becoming an endangered leading to protests from people who dislike the replacement aluminium signs that remove some of the character.

In Birmingham for example, residents reacted furiously when signs were removed by the local council and sold for scrap. For councils, the cost of restoring the old signs makes little sense when cheap aluminium ones can replace them for a fraction of the cost. Protests from residents were evidently a small price to pay for the savings to be made and scrap dealers would have been delighted too.

However, instead of scrapping the old signs, it seems there could be more value in selling them as features for the garden and this should preserve a wonderful part of our national heritage for years to come. All most signs need is a lick of paint and due to the durable properties of iron they should look almost as good as new.