Restoring Wrought Iron

If you have a period home with its origins in the Victorian period there is a good chance you will have either wrought iron fencing, gates or other exterior design feature.

If you are buying your wrought iron from a reclamation yard, however, there is also a good chance it has been outside for many years and it may be in need or restoration work. So how do you approach the restoration of wrought iron?

The first thing to do is prepare the surface of your wrought iron which means removing any loose rust and paint which may be peeling. This is best done using a wire brush, which you can purchase from any DIY store. While brushing down the surface pay close attention to any difficult to reach areas.

Once this is complete you can then move on to sanding with a medium grit sandpaper which will help prepare the surface for priming then painting. Then assuming that the structure of the item is sound you can clean the surface with mild soap and water and allow to dry before applying the primer. The primer will help protect the wrought iron against any further corrosion.

Finally, you can then move onto the most satisfying part which is applying the final enamel coating. This should be black if you want an authentic Victorian appearance however there are plenty of other colour options.