Remembering Retro Stand Hairdryers

If you are of a certain age, then you could be forgiven for wondering what on earth was the purpose for this odd hood shaped thing perched on top of a six foot stand we have on display at Beeston Reclamation.

The older generation of course will instantly recognise it as the good old-fashioned stand hairdryers that were once commonplace in hairdressers everywhere.

Women would often sit for hours much as they do today having their hair done. In the past the difference was they would be sitting with their head inside a dome hairdryer which would probably scare people off today.

The dome hairdryer was used not only to dry the hair but also to set colours and curls and this required a lot of time spent rooted to a chair with only a magazine or better still a friend to gossip with.

The arrival of the mass produced portable hairdryers in the seventies brought about the eventual demise of the fixed dome hairdryer even if many continued to be in use right through the 1980s.

The handheld hairdryer has come a long way since those early days and so have the techniques used to style and colour hair, not least when you consider that scalps are less likely to be burned in the pursuit of a nice hair do!