Reclamation – Barn Doors In Demand

Barn and other external doors are becoming very popular at the moment and to the point where you could even call it a trend.

Barn doors however are not necessarily in demand for the purpose they were originally intended for. Far from it. They have become a trendy accessory inside in a variety of setting from rustic restaurants and bistros to large houses.

With barn conversions still very much in vogue among those who want to live trendy in a country setting, and can only add to the character and charm of this types of property.

A barn can help divide spaces and add character while industrial style external doors can look great in more contemporary settings.

We have a vast range of antique doors at Beeston Reclamation and they can make great DIY projects. The great thing about buying them from a reclamation yard is you can find them in all sorts of condition in various finished and with the natural patina that comes with age.

You can also be assured that the wood is high quality because some of the doors we have in stock started life many years ago and still survive intact today.