Reclaimed Yorkstone At Beeston Reclamation

Reclaimed York stone has to be one of the most popular if not the most popular choice among our customers seeking stone for patios or even driveways.

For period properties there is simply no substitute and whether you opt to buy your York stone new or old it will always look fantastic when laid by someone who is skilled in working with stone of this type.

Besides reclaimed York stone we also stock newly quarried York stone but there is no difference in price and many people prefer to buy reclaimed because they like the stunning patina the stone will have picked up over hundreds of years.

Not surprisingly for a stone that has often been used around buildings for hundreds of years York stone is extremely durable and hard wearing, even under heavy use.

Buying reclaimed of course means that you not only buy the history but also the character. It will also be of superior quality to what you buy new.

York stone originated in the areas around York but the reclaimed stones you see today are often sourced from London where they surrounded the homes of wealthy Victorians.

If you would like to find out more about our York stone simply give us a call or pay us a visit and our staff will be able to help.