Reclaimed Plus Modern Elements Adds Up To A Beautiful Home

Having a house full of reclaimed and antique materials doesn’t have to look like a museum.

Mixing reclaimed and antiques in today’s interiors will often see the introduction of brighter colours with modern elements that help bring a nice balance to rooms rather than have them look oppressively old fashioned.

Incorporating several layers of reclaimed items can get a bit heavy even in the largest properties. So the important thing to do is mix different elements and styles that complement each other to avoid things looking forced in your interior design.

Adding a top layer of cleaner more modern pieces on top of antiques helps lighten things up which makes the space more inviting. One method is to incorporate modern fabrics with you antiques to get the same sort of effect.

Your choice of background is also important. White and other softer tones will help you blend modern materials and antiques more effectively.

The main thing to aim for when you are attempting to blend modern with antique is to create a space that is warm and welcoming. A place which all the family is happy to call home. Pop along to Beeston Reclamation to see what you can find to bring antique character to your home without breaking the bank.