Reasons Why Granite Could Be The Best Paving Material For Your Garden

Now is a great time to be looking around reclamations yards for reclaimed paving materials but with so much choice which is the best one to choose?

Most of us when choosing paving materials go for a combination of attractiveness, durability and of course value for money. Naturally you want the materials to fit your budget and it is likely that reclaimed materials will satisfy all three of the main criteria.

Granite is an excellent material for the garden whether you are using granite slabs or granite sets. We have plenty of the latter available down at the yard and you will not find anything that can beat it for overall durability.

The material has afterall stood the test of time. It has been part of the fabric of the earth over billions of years, so being part of your garden for a relatively short time in its history isn’t going to wear it down!

Most people expect granite to be a dull grey colour, but there are actually various types of granite in a variety of different colours which can look particularly attractive in a garden setting.

Buying granite new from a supplier can be expensive, so why not save money and buy your granite sets from us?