Railway Sleepers Perfect For Your Summer Garden Project

You will always find a good stock of reclaimed railway sleepers at Beeston reclamation and these are perfect for a whole range of garden projects.

With summer just around the corner and the sunny weather we’ve been having recently, naturally thoughts will be turning to garden projects. You may for example be thinking of adding some new plants to borders or trying your hand at transforming your garden with a contemporary look.

What you will often find with the latter of course is lots of heavy lifting planning and plain old hard work. One item that can save you a lot of this work and still look great in the garden is the humble railway sleeper.

You may have seen many award-winning gardens making use of railway sleepers for raised borders or to add another dimension to landscape gardening projects. Not only are railway sleepers quick and easy to put together, they are all sorts of ways you can use them to enhance and even create spaces in smaller gardens.

If you are thinking of using railways sleepers in the garden make sure you build from a solid platform of cement or sand and hardcore and allow for drainage.