The Best Paints To Go With Period Interiors

Every period in history has its own prominent colours. Of course we don’t have the benefit of colour photography to look back on and tell us what those colours were but plenty of records have been found via illustrations and even old layers of paint to give us a clear idea of the colours used.

Looking Ahead To Christmas At Beeston Reclamation

We love this time of year at Beeston Reclamation not just because Christmas is a time for looking back as well as forward to what the new year has in store. Getting together and indulging in some quality family time after a busy year is what Christmas is all about and we like to give

Investing In Antique Furniture – Which Era Is Best?

Antique furniture has long attracted the attention of wealthy investors but in more recent years, there has been something of a decline in appetite for furniture from some periods. So what era should you be focusing on at the moment when it comes to antique furniture for investment? Like anything else in investment, what goes

3 Tips For Living With Reclaimed Antiques And Materials

Besides reclaimed building materials, you will find many unusual items at Beeston Reclamation which you can use for your building and interior design projects in exciting new ways. One of the major benefits of buying reclaimed items for your home is the authenticity. While you will see a lot of imitations of antique furniture and

Reclaimed Plus Modern Elements Adds Up To A Beautiful Home

Having a house full of reclaimed and antique materials doesn’t have to look like a museum. Mixing reclaimed and antiques in today’s interiors will often see the introduction of brighter colours with modern elements that help bring a nice balance to rooms rather than have them look oppressively old fashioned. Incorporating several layers of reclaimed

Want To Achieve Hygge This Winter? Visit To Beeston Reclamation!

Have you ever heard of the word ‘hygge’? if you haven’t then you soon will because we are now approaching its high season. So what is hygge and how can Beeston Reclamation help you achieve it? Hygge which is pronounced ‘hooga’ in Danish is a winter craze imported from Denmark. The word has something of

Cozy Fireplaces To Keep You Warm This Winter

Do you ever feel like relaxing by the fire this time of year and watching the flicker and dance as you enjoy the glow of soft light? Then you’re not alone. I am willing to bet that most of us human beings crave this kind of comfort on dark cold days and nights. The fire

Jam Auction Raises £200,000

In the weird and wonderful world of antiques auctions you can come across pretty much anything including Jam frontman Paul Weller’s shoes it seems. The auction of Jam memorabilia this month saw a total of £200,000 being raised as investors nostalgic for the early eighties bid against other enthusiasts from as far away as Japan.

How To Choose Period Door Furniture

If you happen to be renovating an older property, you will probably be considering a visit to the reclamation yard to choose some authentic items you can use for details. One of the most popular items on sale at reclamation yards are reclaimed doors and furniture. However it is important to consider the following before

Laying Your Reclaimed Wooden Floor

Laying reclaimed wooden flooring in your home can really add character but there are a number of practical issue to consider before attempting to do it yourself. First of all buying reclaimed means you will be getting your floor boards in all sorts of lengths. They will also need to be restored to their former