Out With Antiques In With Vintage and Retro?

A clear trend emerging in the world of antiques has seen some auctioneers abandon pre-20th century antiques in favour of more modern items which seem to be more popular with the buyers of today.

One auction which took place in Dublin this year didn’t have a single piece of Victorian or Georgian furniture with all the focus on 20th century furniture.

To be classed as an antique, a piece of furniture must be more than 100 years old yet the most popular pieces you will find on display at auctions these days date from the 1950s, 60s and even the 1970s in some cases. These items have their origins in Scandinavia and Italy in what are described as golden ages in their design output.

In Italy for example you will find plenty of chic hotels featuring furniture from the 1950s and 60s, which seems to be at home in today’s open plan living spaces in a way that traditional Victorian style furniture often isn’t. Antique furniture can often be bulky and at odds with today’s space saving furniture.

When it comes to retro and vintage, you will see plenty of reproductions in high street shops but nothing beats the thrill of buying the real thing and investing in what will become the antiques of the future.