New Arrivals – Rare Bryant Paraffin Heater

If you are looking out for an antique Paraffin Heater then you are in luck. We have just put a rare Bryant Paraffin Heater on display.

This winter is certainly shaping up to be a cold one and it doesn’t seem to have finished with us yet even though spring is hopefully around the corner. In these cold conditions with little sun, being outside in the greenhouse isn’t much fun without a reliable heat source and they don’t come much more reliable than a paraffin heater.

Paraffin or Kerosene as they call it in the United States is not as widely used as in the past due to our reliance on electricity and gas which tends to heat our buildings more safely and efficiently. While not as flammable as petrol, storing paraffin does require some knowledge of safety precautions.

The Bryant paraffin heater we have at Beeston would probably have been used in an orangery to provide the required heat and humidity. It would make an ideal addition for collectors of this type of antique and it should look great when cleaned up.
It has to be remembered that this heater isn’t going to conform to current safety standards so care must be taken if it is go
ing to be used according to its original purpose.