Making the Most of Reclaimed Wood in the Homes of Today

Wood has been used in the home since the dawn of human history and its popularity has endured through the arrival of many types of materials and fashions through the ages. Today from kitchen tables to mantlepieces, wood remains at the heart of many a home. Producing wooden furniture new, however, does come at an environmental cost. This is where using reclaimed wood in your home can not only add originality but also reduce your carbon footprint. With this in mind here are some ways to make the most of recycled wood in your home.

You will find a all sorts of doors from four panel Victorian doors to arched church and gothic doors. Choosing the right door for your project should be a breeze with so much choice. The only downside is you may need to do a bit of restoration work but you can rest assured that this will be worth it when you become the proud owner of an authentic period style door that can be used in contemporary schemes and restoration projects alike.

Buying high quality wooden flooring such as parquet and oak flooring new will cost an arm and a leg, but buying reclaimed will not only save you some of that money, the flowing is likely to be of higher quality with a patina and character you’ll never find when buying new.

When it comes to cosy fireplaces, there is no substitute for a genuine oak beam. This will not only last you a lifetime but also add bags of unique natural character to contemporary homes.