How to Heat Your Garden Shed

Whether you use your shed as a workshop, home office or simply a garden sanctuary, you will of course benefit from having some heating installed to make it cosy in what looks like becoming one of our colder winters. Here are some of the best options available to heat your shed.

Electric radiators
If you have a electric power going into your shed, an electric radiator can be the most obvious choice and can be either free standing or wall mounted. Portable ones offer flexibility and can be moved around where needed. They are also among the cheaper heating options available.

Electric fan heaters
Electric fan heaters are also great for providing instant heat and will warm a room faster than other types of heat source. The downside is they consume more energy and will cost more to run.

Log burner
To create a true garden sanctuary out of your shed there is no better solution than a log burner. If you have a ready supply of trees and wood, then you will have a ready fuel source that costs nothing. Log burners do mean extra labour gathering wood and making the fire itself but the results are more than worth it.