How Much Are Your Antiques Worth?

Selling as much as buying antiques can be a bit of a minefield for the unwary and in all cases it is better to seek the opinions of more than one person and preferably those with expertise in what you are selling.

Getting those options should be relatively straightforward as long as your items are not too much of a rarity.

If your items do potentially hold a lot of value then it is strongly advisable that you find a specialist to help you get value your item at the right price to avoid losing money.

One of the best ways to start is to take a photograph of the antique and take it to your local antiques dealers, auction house or a local reclamation yard. The latter will take anything from old unwanted building materials to unusual items of furniture.

Antique dealers knowledge will vary depending on the experience they have so just because you may be quoted a higher price by one, it may just be because they don’t know enough about the item or the period when it was made to give an accurate valuation. The same might be true if you encounter the opposite outcome.

Despite this, selling to a dealer will be easier than listing your item for auction. You get paid straight away with the former unlike the latter which involves various charges including vendors commission and catalogue photographs.