Give Your Garden A Reclaimed Makeover

It may seem against logic to fill your garden with reclaimed materials and create something contemporary, but with lick of paint, even the most battered old objects can add a contemporary look to the garden as well as some character.

You will certainly find plenty of antique items at Beeston Reclamation that will add character to the garden. Many garden designers source their materials from the yard when they are looking to blend vintage or antique finds with contemporary garden furniture and landscaping.

Items sourced from the reclamation yard can also cost much less than modern reproductions. One of the items that are proving popular in gardens around the country include Victorian and Edwardian Chimney pots.

While the need for large coal fires has been largely consigned to the history books, Victorian and Edwardian Chimney pots have found another use as places to hold plants of various sizes.

They are versatile too because you can either plant in the top or turn them upside down and use the bottom for growing herbs and strawberries. If you are going for a real eco chic look to your garden you can combine your chimneys with old wine boxes and even an old bicycle.

You can also find plenty of antique ironwork which can be restored to its former glory with some good metal paint.