Garden Planning for Spring

Spring is in the air and for some of us it’s time to start looking at the garden again after what seems like a very long winter has come to an end.

A lot about spring gardening involves tidying things up, making sure the lawn is mowed and sweeping away any debris that may have accumulated of the past few months.
Lighter nights and brighter means these tasks will be easier from now.

The next stage is usually to take a look at what may or may not need replacing and perhaps adding some new features that will give the garden a fresh look. You may even be planning something more radical such as adding a new patio, introducing a garden room or perhaps adding some new landscape features.

Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to find something at Beeston Reclamation. Why have all sorts of items in stock that would look great in a garden setting including chimney pots, which make ideal homes for flowers and grasses along with more unusual items such as the coca cola cool box.

Why also stock a variety of reclaimed garden statues in different sizes and from different periods. If you have anything in particular in mind please don’t hesitate to ask.