Fitting Reclaimed Doors

Reclaimed old doors can make a great addition to the home if they are good quality and they will look particularly at home in a period style property. So how do you fit them and what should you look for when choosing your reclaimed door? These are just some of the questions we hear at the reclamation yard.

Of course one of the most challenging aspects of choosing a reclaimed door from a salvage yard for your home is fitting it. This may not be a problem if you have the required joinery and carpentry skills to hang it correctly and if you haven’t it is best to get someone who knows what they are doing to do the job for you.

You could think of your salvaged door like a second hand suit. It was designed to fit a particular sized frame and of course it will be from an era before B&Q so it is unlikely that the door will fit a modern frame like a glove.

So the most straightforward way to choose an antique door is to measure it accurately and allow for some trimming down to fit the opening. Too narrow or too short will mean that more advanced skills are required than simply planning down the length or the width.

And remember that while you are cutting the door down to size you will need to maintain the position where you intend to put the hinges and the latch.