Decorating Your Home Rustic Style

It has never been easier to make use of old reclaimed materials in the home with many examples of old materials being put to surprising new uses in homes and offices around the country. Much of the most eye catching innovations we see in the interior design world today involve reclaimed materials such as oak or old furniture that is stripped back to make a striking focal point in the home.

A quick flick through some design websites reveals plenty of ways to use reclaimed materials to create a rustic feel to a room. One example saw a feature wall clad in reclaimed wood which added great texture and made for a far more interesting feature wall than simply painting it in a plain colour.

Wood of course has a natural colours and textures that are unique and buying it reclaimed means you can save a fortune on purchasing the timber new. Plus the age of the material will only add to its appeal as it ages.

Another thing you will find in abundance at most reclamation yards are oak beams and mantels which are perfect for period cottages. These will be high quality purchases that will last more than a lifetime.

Alongside these structural materials, there are lots of other curiosities available at most reclamation yards which may only require a bit of restoration work to make them a feature in your home