Creepy Reclaimed Curios for Halloween

It will soon be Halloween and in the shops you will find the usual witches hats scary masks. Perhaps even the odd example of artwork that looks strangely like a cosy Christmas scenes only with skulls and candles such is the commercialisation attached to the occasion nowadays.

But if you want to find something a bit more unusual to scare your guests this Halloween we do have some curious that may look a bit frightening. Take for example this 1930s mannequin head which back in its day would have been a handsome reproduction of a gentleman’s head. Now after the passage of nearly 90 years it is starting to show its age while continuing to look youthful which is what gives it a strange uncanniness.

Unfortunately if you are looking for centrepiece for your Halloween party we did have the perfect candelabra that would look great either in the hallway or on the dining table. This has now been sold but there may be more in stock soon so keep an eye on our website.

This also goes for any other item. You will be surprised with what you can find at Beeston Reclamation if your tastes are a little on the unusual side.