Corona Enamel Sign – A ‘Fizzical’ Reminder of Social History

Most people of a certain age will remember Corona fizzy drinks such was its reach and popularity up until the late 80s. Plenty of relics from the golden age of pop (the fizzy variety) still remain including the original Corona enamel sign we have on Display at Beeston reclamation currently.

The history of the Corona brand (not to be confused with the beer of the same name0 began in South Wales towards the end of the 19th Century. The name Corona wasn’t applied to the drinks until the 1920s when a decision was made to rebrand the company..

Though initially unsuccessful in its original aim of influencing the drinking habits of miners it did catch on hugely when hundreds of salespeople travelled all over the country promoting the fizzy drink to a huge audience.

The business was enormously successful as a result but its downfall came in the face of competition from supermarkets, which slowly began to eat into the company’s market share to the point where it was no longer profitable to be delivering soft drinks door to door.

While the more nostalgic among us may long for a return to those innocent days when a visit from the Corona Pop van was a major event during the week, at least there is the consolation of being able to purchase a small piece of that history.