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What Sorts Of Things Can You Expect To Buy At A Reclamation Yard?

One of the main attractions of visiting a reclamation yard is you never know what you will find let along expect to buy. A reclamation yard will have anything from reclaimed building materials to furniture and unusual antiques on display at any one time. This makes a visit to more of a voyage of discovery

From model motorcycles to iron dog bowls we have plenty of surprises for 2017

If you haven’t visited us for a while or indeed if you have yet to visit, we have plenty of new stock arriving at the reclamation yard at this time of year. Many of the items that have arrived this month with people braving the wet and windy weather to come along and browse. Fortunately,

Vintage Signs Are In Demand – Here’s Where To Find Them

Vintage signs are very much back in fashion these days so finding the best examples will be difficult as collectors search all around the country. Today you will find vintage signs in all sorts of surroundings from cafes to shops and restaurants and their appeal is obvious. There is simply no substitute for the patina

Designing An Eco-Friendly Garden This Year?

You may think that having a garden is making you ‘green’ already but when people design gardens, they often take the easy option and go to the local DIY store for things like hard landscaping, garden ornaments and other additions. Many of these garden products can just as easily be found at the reclamation yard

Tips On Buying From A Reclamation Yard

You will find many people travelling to the reclamation yard to browse through antique items and other curiosities. It is often fun just to have a look around with one or two surprises in store each time you do. The main reasons to visit a reclamation yard however are to find bargains and items from

Give Your Garden A Reclaimed Makeover

It may seem against logic to fill your garden with reclaimed materials and create something contemporary, but with lick of paint, even the most battered old objects can add a contemporary look to the garden as well as some character. You will certainly find plenty of antique items at Beeston Reclamation that will add character

Revival Of Traditional Cast Iron Street Signs

Old cast iron street signs can certainly make a quirky feature in the garden and there are plenty of examples to be found at the reclamation yard. Cast iron street signs may be having a new lease of life as a decorative garden feature, but when it comes to finding them on street corners, you

Reclamation Yards Vs eBay: Which Is Best?

There’s no doubt that eBay has been phenomenally successful since it was first launched in 1995. Since then then there have been plenty of copycat websites created to sell second hand items and even social media is getting in on the act with localised pages where people can sell their old and new items. So

New In – Railway Signage

These are faithful copies of railway signs made from cast iron Would make fantastic presents