Benefits of cast iron radiators

If you thought cast iron radiators were a thing of the past, think again.

It’s not unusual for those with period properties to use antique radiators to restore their homes to its original glorious state. But recently, the benefits of a good old fashioned cast iron radiator have been rediscovered, and even those in modern properties are embracing these antiquities.

Let’s find out why so many people are now turning their backs on modern aluminium and stainless steel radiators in favour of reclaimed cast iron ones.

Heat retention – Cast iron radiators are denser and heavier than their modern counterparts, meaning they can retain more heat for longer. They do take a little longer to heat up, but once they are hot, they give out a more consistent and long-lasting heat.

Appearance – With their decorative shape and worn antique appearance, a reclaimed cast iron radiator isn’t just function, they can become a real feature in your home, adding interest and character.

Space – Cast iron radiators are generally taller than modern ones, meaning they take up less wall space. This allows for more shelves and storage units and helps you to maximise the space available to you.

Efficient – With their many columns and curved edges, the cast iron radiator generally has a much bigger surface area than modern radiators. This allows them to have contact with more of the air circulating the room to produce more consistent and long-lasting heat.

Convinced of the benefits of cast iron radiators?

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