Before you Buy That Fire Surround, Why Not Consider Reclaimed?

It’s getting to the time of year when thoughts turn to the onset of autumn. Depending on where you live this may arrive sooner rather than later! To keep away the cold, you may be considering opening up your fireplace or perhaps investing in an electric fire with a nice surround. Either way, you might want to consider a reclaimed fire surround.

While you will find plenty of choice at your local hardware store, your options are likely to be limited to just a few types. Buying reclaimed, however, means you will have far more options and if you want to recreate the look of a particular period, there really is no substitute.

A fully restored reclaimed fire surround will undoubtedly add appeal to any interior and can it can make a wonderful addition even to contemporary interiors.

Another great thing about having an antique fire surround and mantelpiece installed is the homely character it can add to your living space. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a mantelpiece and hearth with fire even if increasingly these days, that fire won’t be of the coal variety.

Just be sure to get your fire surround professionally fitted if you don’t have the DIY skills. There are some safety issue to consider when installing your fire surround.