Art Deco Clocks

The Art Deco movement originated in the 1920s with a 1925 art exhibition held at Le Musée des Arts Decoratifs.

The exhibition was aimed at promoting Art Nouveau which was a popular trend at the time as people began to look at a future filled with optimism post World War One. At least in the countries that were victorious in World War One.

There are few antiques that represent the Art Deco era better than the art deco clock on the mantelpiece. If we dismantle what it is that sets the period apart from others, it is, as the Art Historian Patricia Bayer describes, “an architecture of ornament, geometry, energy, retrospection, optimism, colour, texture, light and at times, even symbolism.”

An art deco clock is both an ornament and a piece of machinery that comes along at a time when the machine age was gathering momentum following the innovations that resulted just before and after the First World War.

Art Deco era clocks were often designed using geometric shapes and patterns which often made them look like miniature buildings.

You will find plenty of examples for sale today with many carrying a hefty price tag so it is worth shopping around or visiting a reclamation yard to get one for a good price. We have a magnificent marble art deco clock now in stock which we don’t expect to be around for long.