5 Things You Need in a Victorian Style Garden

If you own a property dating back to the Victorian era, you may be wondering how to recreate what typical garden from this period might include. You will find lots of inspiration on line and in history books of course but here are some of the most typical elements you should include in any Victorian style garden.

These were very popular in Victorian times and are still a feature in many gardens today. In Victorian times gardeners would use all sorts of unusual racks and exotic plants to make theirs stand out.

Exotic plants
The Victorian age was one where people would travel to all corners of the globe and they would often bring back native plant species for planting in their gardens. These would include anything from Jasmin and wisteria to giant redwood trees.

Garden lighting
While we might perceive the Victorian era to be rather drab and dark, they were actually fond of including lighting in their gardens, particularly pedestal lanterns and lamp posts.

Cast iron furniture
No self-respecting Victorian garden would be without some cast iron furniture, from table and chairs to benches, cast iron was all the rage.

Wild gardens

The Victorian age was one of industry and mass production and an antidote to all of that was to embrace the natural world. The Victorian garden would often include a patch for growing wildflowers such as bluebells, snowdrops, poppies and so on.