4 alternative uses for a garden shed

The humble garden shed, typically a small wooden structure full of cobwebs, hibernating critters, and garden tools.

Whilst garden sheds are a convenient place for storing garden tools, they have so much more potential. Many people are now transforming their garden sheds to add extra space to their homes.

Here are just a few inspiring ideas for turning your garden shed into an exciting new living space.


If you don’t have enough room in your house for a study, then turning a garden shed into an office is the perfect way of creating a private work space away from noise and distractions. Whether you need a work space for a hobby or working from home, a dedicated office space can keep you feeling motivated and inspired to work.


Fitting in time for the gym around work, family, and social commitments can be difficult, unless your gym happens to be at the end of your garden. Kitting out your garden shed with gym equipment will not only make it more convenient to fit working out around your life, it will also save you money on gym membership.


If you have kids, then turning the garden shed into a playroom can be a great way of giving them the extra space they need to store and play with all their toys. Older children will love the privacy of the space, especially when they have friends over. And even if you don’t have children, big kids can add a games console or board games to a shed to create a cosy space for entertaining.


Whether you’re partial to a real ale or a splash of gin, kit your shed out with some ambient lighting, comfortable seating, fridge, snacks and optics to create your own local at the end of your garden. You’ll save money, it’ll only take a matter of seconds to stumble home, and it’ll make entertaining easy.

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