118 Year Old Antique Cake Put On Display

An antique cake stand, yes. Perhaps even an antique plate. But a 188-year old cake? It’s amazing what you can find buried in people’s collections of old antiques.

The cake which was baked for Empress Sisi at the end of the 19th century has attracted some interest while on display at an Italian Castle in Merano, Italy. So while you might be wondering if that M & S cake bought at Christmas will last another 12 months in the cupboard, this cake is in a whole different league.

You might expect a cake built for a 19th Century Austrian Empress with a taste for the finer things in life to be something special and you would be right. As you might expect from a cake made in 1897, what is left is a hardened mass of well-preserved fruit and spices which has certainly seen better days but it’s still amazing how a cake can be preserved for that long.

The cake is probably among the oldest in the world and while this one is for display only, over in the US cakes have been attracting the attention of enthusiasts willing to spend quite a bit of cash to get their hands on one.

While it probably isn’t advisable to eat a cake that was in the mixing bowl when queen Victoria was alive, there have been cakes found in the early part of the century which still had edible bits on them.

They just don’t make cakes like they used to.